Real Estate Video Kit Volume 1


Win The Hearts Of Homebuyers And Home Sellers With These Clever Realty Themed Videos - And Then Win Their Business!

50 Done-Fo-You Real Estate Video Templates
9 HouseEmoticon Videos
25 Prekeyed Videos
27 Background Videos
20 Prekeyed House Emoticons
22 Green Screen Animated Chat Bubbles
23 Green Screen House Emoticons
55 Background Images
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Real Estate Video Kit Vol. 1 bonus for Easy Video Lab Buyers gives small, budget-conscious small business users the ability to use Hollywood level video techniques at a price everyone can afford.

23 Done For You Real Estate Templates!
...some are shown in video below

Keyword Searchable With Easy Video Lab

(formerly known as Kinetic Text Animator)


 25 Real Estate Video Memes

Keyword Searchable With Easy Video Lab.


It takes just a minute to insert 
your website URL or your Facebook page URL
and render. These are all square videos, 
perfect for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


 Real Estate Video Meme Templates


25 Prekeyed Videos


Keyword Searchable With Easy Video Lab.

You can use these videos with other popular video creators, like Camtasia, Keynote, and Explaindio.

9 HousEmoticon Videos

Keyword Searchable With Easy Video Lab  




 Real Estate Video Kit Components